4 Reasons to Choose a Non-surgical Butt Lift Over a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Written by Dr. Sharon

Have you ever wondered what a little more volume in your butt could do for your curves? Brazilian Butt lifts are becoming increasingly popular plastic surgeries as each day passes, with thousands of women looking to volumize their butts and enhance their curves. They are most commonly known as BBLs.

These procedures are done to enhance the buttocks area by augmenting the size, shape, and position. Traditionally, the procedure involves harvesting fat from other parts of the body where it is unwanted and transferring them to the buttocks region for added volume.

Although the typical BBL cosmetic surgery can deliver that desired volume, the non-surgical liquid butt lift is a cosmetic procedure here, looking to rival the traditional Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Here’s our top 4 reasons why you should consider a Liquid BBL over surgery.

Results are predictable and natural-looking

The survival of harvested fat cells largely varies, making the results of a surgical BBL unpredictable at times. This increases the chances of dissatisfaction for patients and often results in additional surgical procedures needed to further augment the buttocks. Even the most experienced surgeons will have a hard time predicting the survival rate of your newly injected fat cells.

A non-surgical liquid butt-lift with Radiesse filler creates minimal swelling, and the results can be seen as soon as the product has been injected, and realistic expectations can be set! You will be free to enjoy your instantaneous results right after you leave the office.

Because the results are predictable with dermal fillers, the exact shape and size desired can be achieved, leaving a natural-looking result.

It’s a great option for those who don’t have enough fat

Surgical butt lifts require patients to have enough donor fat to be placed inside the butt. Those who suffer from frequent weight fluctuations may not have enough body fat to undergo a butt lift surgery and achieve the butt shape and results they desire!

Using dermal fillers create a similar result to injected fat; however, there’s no need to worry about gaining weight for the procedure– which can be important to those who prioritize working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

There’s no downtime, pain, or recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift procedures induce large amounts of trauma to the body as harvested fat needs to be manually broken up from the tissues and re-injected using a large cannula. The chances of scar tissue formation are higher for traditional BBL patients, and it will take months for the final results of a surgical BBL to show, as some of the fat cells will die and swelling will long persist.

To avoid bumps, scar tissue formation, and other complications, lymphatic drainage massages must also be done after a surgical BBL. A compression garment must also be worn for several weeks to maintain the shape of your newly augmented butt.

Due to the gentle nature of a non-surgical butt lift, there is virtually no pain, downtime, or recovery necessary. A fine needle is used to inject the filler product to create volume, without excessive force or trauma to the treatment areas!

No surgery required

If you’re not interested in having any type of surgery, then a non-surgical liquid BBL may be exactly what you need. It is an easy, safe way to achieve similar results to a surgical BBL, without all the risks and complications associated with surgery.

You don’t have to worry about incisions, scars, swelling, bruising, or anything else that comes with a surgical BBL. There is no downtime, pain, discomfort, or recovery period involved.

You’ll look great, feel great, and enjoy your new and improved curves!

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