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Aging is more than skin deep! As time flies by, we naturally go through the many processes of aging that can make us feel like we have lost charge of our own lives. Changes in hormone levels can result in unfavorable consequences such as hot flashes, insomnia, and weight gain, amongst other things. The good news is, we can regain control of our lives with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy!

This treatment is appropriate for addressing concerns related to hormone imbalance and symptoms of menopause. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy works by replacing and boosting those hormones with the identical hormones naturally found in our bodies, allowing you to live life to it’s fullest extent.

At Dr. Sharon Aesthetics, Houston, Texas, we offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with FDA-Approved products.

How does BHRT work?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), can be administered in different ways. Pharmaceutical hormone pills, patches, creams, and, the insertion of pellets, are all methods of BHRT. These hormones are made from naturally derived plant estrogens

The preferred method of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the use of pellets. These are rice grain-sized pellets that are inserted underneath the skin of the patient to release the appropriate amount of hormones. This form of treatment is used because it is the only form of BHRT that is considered to be long-term and effective 24 hours a day, allowing the patient to reap the full benefits of their newly balanced hormone levels. It is superior to other hormone therapy products.

BHRT is also known as natural hormone therapy or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical refers to the use of hormones that are identical to our own. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is used to supplement hormone levels to address the symptoms caused by hormone imbalance. This treatment is most commonly used to treat symptoms of menopause and postmenopausal women. 

Living a quality life with BHRT

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy restores not only our hormone balance, but the quality of life we deserve to have. Hormone imbalance can inhibit us from experiencing life and relationships with loved ones as we should. Postmenopausal women benefit greatly from this treatment, and can restore their vitality.

Life with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy allows us to live a happy and engaging life without the inhibitions of low energy and mood. It’s time to start checking things off your bucket list and enjoy all that life has to offer! Long gone are days of wondering “what if?”

Choosing Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Both men and women can benefit from Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, as it addresses several concerns caused by the low levels of hormones that can happen when we age. Bio-identical hormone replacement replacement therapy could be a great option if you would like to address the following concerns:

  • Mood Swings
  • Diminishing Vitality
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Brain Fog
  • Low Libido & Energy
  • Thinning Hair
  • Weight Gain

BHRT may also be used to improve the following conditions or symptoms of cancer treatment:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Osteoporosis
  • Adrenal and Thyroid Disorders

Dr. Sharon Smith, will design a bio-identical hormone replacement treatment plan, tailored for you, based on your current hormone levels and balance. At Dr. Sharon Aesthetics, we only use the highest quality, FDA-approved products, so you can can rest assured that you’re receiving the best care from the inside out.

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BHRT for Menopausal Symptoms

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is most frequently used to ease the symptoms of menopause such as night sweats and hot flashes. One of the most dangerous symptoms postmenopausal women face is the increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures from lower bone density. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal and menopausal women can be used to slow bone loss, allowing your bones to maintain integrity and longevity.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy treats the following symptoms of menopause:

  • Lowered Bone Density
  • Vaginal Atrophy
  • Minor Memory Loss
  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Moodiness

Postmenopausal women and women in menopause can both benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


There may be some side effects in the beginning of treatment as the body becomes newly adjusted to the hormones. These side effects may include bloating, acne, weight gain, fatigue, and increased facial hair in women. 

Is BHRT right for you?

Are you ready to regain control of your life? Do you want to spend less time worrying about your health and focus more on your loved ones and passions? 

If you are experiencing one or more symptoms, hormonal imbalance could be the culprit!

Obtaining a fully comprehensive blood lab test will give insight to if Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the right treatment for you. As a result, Dr. Sharon Smith will be able to determine if you could benefit from the effects of Bioidentical Hormones.

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