IV BAR INFUSIONS in Houston, Texas

At our IV bar, our drips are packed full of nutrients, all tailored to meet your specific aesthetic and health goals. Whether it be hangover recovery, anti-aging, or detoxification, we’ve got one for you! Administering antioxidants and other nutrients intravenously allow for maximum absorption and benefit as it is delivered directly into the blood stream without losing any of its efficacy from bodily processes like how oral supplements do. IV Infusions are also the king when it comes to providing hydration, something essential for maintaining healthy bodily function– what’s not to love? IV infusions are administered by our highly-skilled team, experts at making this a relaxing and comfortable experience for you.

Dr. Sharon Aesthetics offers the highest quality nutrients at our IV Bar, allowing you feel the full benefits of IV Infusion Therapy and receive optimal results.

IV therapy benefits
iv bar infusion houston texas

Benefits of IV Therapy

Many people take oral supplements in an effort to stay on top of their health. The absorption of nutrients taken from these supplements pales in comparison to IV bar therapy, because they are processed through the gut before being absorbed into the body. This means they are less effective overall. Administering these antioxidants and other nutrients intravenously helps you to reach your health goals faster, and see noticeable results in a shorter period of time. Your body is able to receive the full amount of nourishment and hydration through IV therapy than any other form of nutrient consumption is capable of!

At Dr. Sharon Aesthetics IV Bar, we have formulated the optimal group of nutrients to cater to specific health and aesthetic needs. 



All of our Drips are hydrating drips help to balance your body’s fluids and electrolytes at the cellular level




Take on the day with with like Jammed full of essential vitamins for overall health. Other Benefits: Lowers Stress, Enhances Mood, Boosts Energy and Immunity, Enhances Blood Flow to Brain.

Fat burner

fat burner boost

Metabolism stimulator which will help to burn fat. (Best if used in unison with fish oil). Other Benefits: Helps to Maintain Blood Sugar Level


#1 Naturally occurring antioxidant in your body helps to flush out impurities and cancercausing free radicals. Other Benefits: Boosts Immunity, Antiinflammatory, Promotes Liver Health


libido BOOST

This drip will dilate arteries thus allowing circulation and oxygen to all your fun places enhancing performance and pleasure!



This Vitamin C drip is amazing for every cell in your body! Other Benefits: Helps Clear Stuffiness, Protects Cells from Free Radicals, Improves Circulation to Brain

Fountain of Youth

fountain of youth

This drip helps to keep your body clean, pure, and youthful inside and out. Other Benefits: Boosts Cognitive Function



Includes vitamins that will actually help to lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. (Not to be used with Liver Problems)

Power Zone

power zone

Recovery drip that minimizes muscle waste and maximizes protein synthesis. Other Benefits: Promotes Gut Health, Protects Cells from Free Radicals, Boosts Memory



Regulates sleep cycle and helps remedy jet lag. We designed this for those who are having difficulty with your sleep/wake cycle or feeling fatigued post travel.



Prevents and cures pesky symptoms related to alcohol consumption. Salvation and protection for when you are prepping for or recovering from a lively party or event. Helps recovery from dehydration on a hot summer day. 


Natural High


Don’t take if using synthetic HGH (Human Growth Hormone)! This drip will stimulate your pituitary gland to produce natural Human Growth Hormone!



This drip keeps your skin healthy at the cellular level. Other Benefits: Improves Cognitive Function, Boosts Immunity, Helps deter Chronic Fatigue, Promotes Bone Health, Promotes Prostate Health



This drip is beneficial for those who suffer from acute breathing problems, severe headaches, fatigue, chronic sinus problems, and reactions to the seasons. Other Benefits: Helps Minimize Muscle Discomfort and Spasms




This can be our little secret! Great for the night before or morning of the big race! Improves muscle performance by improving circulation and muscular endurance. Great for those on a low carb diet.



Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme central to metabolism. It provides us energy, creates new cells, builds new pathways in the brain, and is a driving force behind our health. Replenishing NAD+ levels can improve many elements of the aging process.

Immunity Boost

Immunity boost

Packed with virus fighting vitamins, Mega Immunity boosts immunity and decreases the duration of illnesses. This amazing drip also REPAIRS damaged cells caused by stress and infection while supporting a healthy immune system.

Prepost Surgery

pre/post surgery

Helps to heal tissue going through the reparative process after surgery. Using this drip before surgery gives the nutritional benefits that are needed for post-operative wound healing. This drip after surgery helps to enhance the wound healing process.



Essential for any executive on the go! Improves brain function, focus, energy level, heart health, and mood while reducing stress and effects of postmeeting cocktails! Helps you to stay in the game by boosting immunity while traveling. Ultimately helping you to BE the EDGE!

SHOTS: $45 


B12 Shot / Enhancer

Great for Vegans, Promotes Brain Function, Mood Stabilizer


Fat Burner CoQ10

Helps Control Cholesterol, Boosts Energy, Anti-Oxidant


Skinny C (Plus) Shot

(MIC-C) (Methionine, Inositol, Choline, B12, Carnitine)