5 Benefits of Post-Op Recovery Care

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Written by Dr. Sharon

If you have cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery or indeed any type of surgery coming up or have already had one, it is essential to understand that the importance of post-op care is almost as crucial as the surgery itself. During those weeks, specific treatments and postoperative techniques can make remarkable impacts to your surgical results. Each post- op treatment is tailored according to your needs and type of surgical procedure. Everybody heals differently, therefore each recovery treatment approach is unique.

There are many benefits to post recovery treatments and some of the main ones include:

Accelerate the recovery process of your tissues

Most post surgery treatments focus on helping with facilitating and improving the metabolism in the treated areas. This helps in the aiding of the reconstruction to the cells within injured scar tissue.  

Minimize swelling, inflammation, lumps, and fluid retention

When we get a procedure done and our body starts to heal it releases excess fluid and that can cause swelling and inflammation. Post op recovery treatments such as postoperative lymphatic massages or wood therapy massages can make a big difference in the healing process and make a smooth recovery more likely. These postoperative care treatments use a gentle massage technique that increases blood flow and helps promote recovery by targeting the lymphatic system. This system is responsible for processing waste and absorbing fluids and after surgery, these liquids can harden which can be painful. This massage helps to break down those hardened elements to help ease pain after surgery and improve the healing process. It does this by draining toxins and accumulated fluids leftover in the body after a procedure.

Reduce pain and bruising

Post op recovery treatments accelerate the recovery process of your tissues by aiding in the reconstruction systems of injured scar tissue. Postoperative recovery techniques also promote the regeneration of damaged lymphatic and blood vessels which results in less pain and bruising during the recovery period.

How can post op recovery treatments minimize aesthetic surgery complications?

Effective post op treatment such as antibiotic therapy can be used to target the root cause, and prevent postoperative complications such as a capsular contracture in the case of implants. Post op recovery treatments also work to reduce the chance of long term fibrosis which can be uncomfortable over time following a plastic surgery procedure. 

Lock in optimal results

To help enhance the contour affects of your body, post op treatments such as cavitation can be very effective in polishing results. A cavitation is a handheld radio frequency machine that performs an ultrasonic cavitation. Other post op care treatments include the proper wear and use of compression garments which are also critical to obtain desired results.

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