Iv therapy: infuse yourself with wellness

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Written by Dr. Sharon

Why undergo infusion therapy?

It’s no secret how important it is to stay active, eat balanced meals, and drink plenty of water — both for longevity and overall quality of life. However, maintaining a consistent wellness routine isn’t always easy or realistic. How do you know you’re getting the right number of vitamins? Are we really supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day!? Even the most diligent of us can still experience chronic fatigue, migraines, and viruses. IV therapy is designed to simplify your wellness routine by conveniently delivering the hydration and nutrients you need to feel your best.

Infusion therapies offer multiple health benefits for patients. These treatments deliver special nutrient cocktails designed to replenish, restore and detoxify your body faster than simply drinking water, eating healthy foods or taking oral medications. We offer a wide range of different IV therapy treatments depending on your specific needs and goals.

What are my options?

If you’ve been feeling low on energy, perhaps the Energizer IV drip is for you. This drip combines energizing vitamins to help increase mental focus and boost energy without the jittery and sugary crash from caffeine. The other basic IV drips offered are the Fat Burner Boost, Antioxidant, Libido Boost, Allergy/Immunity, Fountain of Youth, Cholesterol, Power Zone, Recovery and Jetsetter. View the menu here!

Looking to feel clear headed and ready to take on the world? Our Myers drip helps to maintain vitamin, hydration and nutrient levels. It has also been used in easing the symptoms of asthma, migraines, fatigue, muscle spasms, seasonal allergies, chronic depression and anxiety. This therapy is a part of our premium IV drip offerings where are you will also find our beautifier and natural high.

Unfortunately, seasonal sickness is common and sometimes unavoidable. Get those pesky germs out of your system with our immunity boost! Receiving an immunity IV drip can increase cell strength and resilience to help you naturally get back on your feet faster without pumping yourself full of over-the-counter medications.

Dr. Sharon Aesthetics offers the highest quality nutrients in our IV infusions, allowing you feel the full benefits of IV Infusion Therapy and receive optimal results.

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